Abandon- by Meg Cabot

Title: Abandon

Author: Meg Cabot

Rating: 3/10

Publication: 2011

Recommendation: DO NOT READ

My Reading Method: Library Audio Book- CD/ Listened to it in my car

So…. here we go…

Before I begin my actual review of the book I would like to note:

1) I am a HUGE Meg Cabot fan. I totally fell in love with Princess Diaries in high school, the Mediator series is something I have gone back to read several times over the years, and I count the Queen of Babble series one of my all-time favorites.

2) I didn’t actually read this book- I listened to it on CD.

Abandon is my least favorite of Meg’s books to date. I loved the idea of the plot- (A retelling of the Persephone/ Hades myth) it had so much potential- it sounded so dark and different and I was so excited to start reading; however, this initial potential was never met.

Why I didn’t like the book, almost didn’t finish it, and probably won’t read the rest in the series:

1) I couldn’t stand the main character. Other than loving the uniqueness of Pierce’s name, I couldn’t find any redeeming quality in her personality. Of course, she was nice-ish (but really, I only got that impression because the story goes on and on about how thoughtful she is for everyone else- blah blah blah- even though this was never actually shown in the story). She was flighty and couldn’t make up her mind about anything (at one point she calls her dad then changes her mind mid call and hangs up- this is just one example). She is selfish (while the story tries to convince you she thinks about everyone else, she is completely oblivious to the things she’s doing and how it effects everyone else, then continues to do what she wants anyway). She thinks money can solve all her problems (hey- daddy’s rich)… which brings me to:

Daddy issues: she really doesn’t like OR respect him at all- but she thinks it’s completely fine to let him fix all her screw-ups. This attitude makes her WORSE than her father in my opinion. It’s as if she doesn’t care at all about what happens because she’ll just throw some money at it to make the problem go away. This was the most annoying things about her- even if she doesn’t agree with her dad she should have shown him a little more respect because of his role in her life. Also, he gets blamed for A LOT- which was frustrating… Here is why- At the time of her accident ( **SPOILER**she dies- trust me, you kind-of know this all along) her dad didn’t notice what had happened because he was on a call in his office- her mother completely and irrationally (and you’re still supposed to love her for this) blamed him. What? When you have a teenage daughter you’re supposed to be watching her 24/7? You can’t take calls anymore? Please, treat her like a toddler. The entire time I kept thinking (because the mom made such a big deal about this) ‘you’re just as much to blame as he is- how dare you not be at home!!’ *Please note the sarcasm*

Pierce is a bit of a liar… like, all the time. She rarely tells the truth. She always has an agenda- can’t let them know I’m crazy, can’t tell mom where I’ve been, lie to John, etc. She can’t handle, well, anything. (The entire time she’s shocked, or unable to speak, or totally afraid, or has to just get away. I wanted her to grow up and handle the situation head on. Of course I was seriously let down.)

I hope no one is looking up to this girl as a role model.

She is probably the weakest character Meg has ever written. Can you tell I don’t like her? I would never be friends with/have a crush on/ or remotely want to spend any time with this girl.

2) The story dragged… I was ¾ of the way through before I was completely aware of what happened in the past. The elusive references, incomplete sentences, the inability for anyone to answer a question in a straight forward manner made me want to pull out my hair. Absolutely DO NOT listen to this book on tape. If I actually read the book, I probably would have skimmed these parts but with the CD I was unable to do this. I wanted to punch the reader (actress?) in the face. It was slow. It was annoying. I wanted to just get through it.

3) The adults in this book were weird. In fact, everyone was so unusual and unlikable for some reason or another I was unable to connect with any of them. Usually I can find one or two characters in a novel and imagine them as my own friends or parents. Not here. Not at all.

So overall- my main issue with this book was Pierce. John was ok- but you really don’t get to know him very well, so it’s hard for me to say if I liked him. The mom was… sort of there and a little childlike. The dad was a jerk. Not a lot happened with the plot. If the book cut out the main character I would give it an extra star.

And you know what this was missing? Meg Cabot’s brilliant sense of humor. I LOVE her books. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And you know why? She’s funny! The main character always has such a clever/ funny way of looking at things. And here stems the problem- Pierce isn’t clever, funny, or really likable… so no humor. I didn’t laugh out loud once which is a complete shame with a MC book.

I give the book 3 stars. I would like to give it one, but the extra is just because I hate to rate one of Meg’s books so poorly. Read anything else of hers, just not this one.

(You can see my rating scale here)

PS, if you buy any of these books from the images above I make a few cents.

This review can be found on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/315837331 and on Amazon.


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