This Blog is…

Hello world!

While I am not new to blogging, this blog in itself is a brand new adventure for me. I’ve kept a blog before, mostly with the intent of keeping up with old friends, but never before has one had a legitimate purpose. Nor have I ever had a blog with a particular theme.

But books? I could talk about books for hours!

I think to really understand my connection with reading you have to understand where it started.

I didn’t always like books. When I was young I hated reading with an all-consuming passion. I wasn’t good at it. It was a chore. I had problems with sounding out the sounds and learning phonetically. (Remember hooked on phonics? I sure do!) And sadly, I always seemed to be behind all my friends when it came to skill level. So I avoided it and wished terrible pain on any teacher that called on me to read aloud in class.

School was hard for me. Especially those first years in elementary school most people look on favorably. I would never wish to repeat ANY of my K-12 education. I had friend problems AND school problems. I was a competitive, jealous, socially awkward little girl with pseudo-friends and an inferiority complex.

I was about nine or ten when I checked out an ‘American Girl’ novel from my school library. The book was about Molly McIntire, a young girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses (like me!) growing up during WWII in 1944. I loved that book. I had to read all the books about Molly and my mom was so thrilled I was reading she bought me the entire series and the doll.

Molly was just the beginning. I soon wanted to read all the American Girl stories. Then it was The Royal Diaries and Nancy Drew. Reading became my central way of dealing with school and friend troubles.

By high school I started the Harry Potter series and was basically reading anything I could get my hands on. It took a while for me to grow into myself- the person I am today- but I think reading was central to my development…

Now, I read for enjoyment. I like reading more than TV. More than going out to a bar. A perfect evening for me consists of a good book, a bowl of popcorn, and a lovely glass of wine.

So, perhaps that was the really long way of saying I’m starting a blog about the books I’m reading. I thought I would keep track of it here. Additionally, I do have a goodreads account and occasionally post a review or two on Amazon. Primarily this will be used to keep track of what I’ve read, what I’ve loved, and what I think my friends should read.

my read shelf:
Rebekah's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)

So follow along if you want!



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